What do you take from your hometown with you? 

The Northeastern backlands of Brazil enter the soul. Even if you migrate to never come back, your hometown is redrawn in maps of reminiscences. Living there means having a neighborhood. Open doors interdict the entrance to solitude. There is plenty of stories to tell. 

Inside of what we are, in the inner landscapes, memories of scent, food, tints of "sertão" (inland area specially located in Northeast of Brazil), dilate shells of affections and flow from the imagination. People never forget their inland towns. The images persist.

As an enchanted work, they become visible here and there. The photographer is the mediator of memory rivers. Observe it.


Portraits will outspread in floods of visions that cross crowds. 

In this confluence of memories, two worlds blend into one, inside and outside are no longer antagonistic to innumerable paths. In these ways, it is ineffable to recognize this intimacy, because it belongs to something greater, and there is always a faith in something unspeakable, in the beauty of mysteries of life.

The ten works of this series "NO  INTERIOR DE NÓS" portray the look, the observation, the relationship between the photographer and his own time-space. Moving them in the city instigates the photographer. He believes in the possibility of dynamizing other viewers, in order that they can relate to these images in an "open gallery".

Rodrigo Patrocínio